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In our latest blog post, we’re following up on a common question from our new prospective clients: “What are the costs associated with our cybersecurity support services?” Building on our previous discussion about common service models, this post delves into the specific fees associated with our cybersecurity support solutions.

The provided price ranges are industry averages derived from a recent survey within the cybersecurity support sector. Conducted by Service Leadership, a reputable independent consulting firm specializing in the financial metrics of cybersecurity support firms nationwide, the survey aims to offer insights into prevailing industry standards.

We present this information to provide a general understanding of typical pricing in the cybersecurity support domain. It is crucial to grasp the vast differences in service contracts before committing. While the actual price is a factor, the paramount consideration is what value you receive for your investment. It’s essential to be wary of ‘cheaper’ cybersecurity firms that may conceal the true cost of their fees. Opting for the lowest bidder might ultimately result in unforeseen expenses that outweigh the initial apparent savings.

With that in mind, here are the fee ranges for cybersecurity services and support for small businesses:

Hourly Rate for Managed Security Services: Most cybersecurity services companies selling hourly services charge between $100 per hour and $300 per hour, with a one-hour minimum. In some cases, they will give you a discount on their hourly rates if you purchase and pay for a block of hours in advance.


As we discussed, this approach works best for microbusinesses that are not hosting or processing client data that is considered “sensitive,” such as health records, financial information like credit cards, Social Security numbers, etc., and that have very simple IT. This is definitely not the approach a growing business with five-plus employees would want to choose.


Project Fees: When soliciting quotes from a cybersecurity support company for a one-time project, fees can vary significantly depending on the outlined scope of work and the complexity of the project. If you are engaging a cybersecurity consulting firm for a project, I recommend that you insist on the following:


  • A detailed scope of work that specifies what “success” is. Make sure you document what your expectations are in performance, workflow, costs, security, access, etc. The more detailed you can be, the better. Clarifying your expectations up front will go a long way toward avoiding miscommunications and additional fees later on to give you what you REALLY wanted.

  • A fixed budget and time frame for completion. Agreeing to this up front aligns both your agenda and the consultant’s. Be very wary of hourly estimates that allow the consulting firm to bill you for “unforeseen” circumstances. The bottom line is this: it is your cybersecurity consulting firm’s responsibility to be able to accurately assess your situation and quote a project based on their experience. You should not have to pick up the tab for a consultant underestimating a job or for their inefficiencies. A true professional knows how to take into consideration those contingencies and bill accordingly.

  • Cybersecurity Services: Most managed cybersecurity services firms will quote you a MONTHLY fee based on the number of devices, users and locations they need to maintain. The average fee per user (employee) ranges from $25 per month to $150.00per month – and those fees are expected to rise due to constant inflation and a tight cybersecurity talent labor market.


Obviously, as with all services, you get what you pay for.Operationally mature” cybersecurity support company typically charge more because they are far more disciplined and capable of delivering cyber security and compliance services than smaller, cheaper-priced cybersecurity support company.


They also include CIO (chief information officer) services and dedicated account management, have better financial controls (so they aren’t running so lean that they are in danger of closing their doors) and can afford to hire and keep knowledgeable, qualified techs vs. junior engineers or cheap, outsourced labor.


To be clear, I’m not suggesting you have to pay top dollar to get competent cybersecurity support company, nor does paying “a lot of money” guarantee you’ll get accurate advice and responsive, customer-centric services. But if an MSP is charging on the low end of $25.00 per employee or less, you have to question what they are NOT providing or NOT including to make their services so cheap. Often they are simply not providing the quality of service you would expect and are leaving out critical security and backup services that you definitely want to have in place.

Are you tired of grappling with persistent cybersecurity challenges, system downtime, and ineffective security measures? It’s time to take action and partner with us. Give us a call to experience responsive and high-quality cybersecurity support. Our team of friendly, US-based cybersecurity experts is not only knowledgeable but also easy to work with. Enhance your security posture and protect your digital assets with our reliable services.

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